Owner Inserts Bulldog Into Jurassic Park Scene Because Why Not

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Another day, another reason to wish we owned a Bulldog.

Earlier this week, the Internet nearly melted into a million little pieces after an English Bulldog father met his daughter for the first time.

Following that adorable footage, readers were treated to the sight of a Bulldog puppy cuddling up a baby. It was everything you could ever want and more.

Now, in a slightly different kind of video, we present a guy who inserted his Bulldog into an iconic Jurassic Park scene because... hey, why not?!?

It's funny and it's unique. Those are good enough reasons for us!

The owner likely isn't gonna make a "fortune" off this video, but can you really put a price on laughter?

Toggle through some photos of Bulldog who has adopted some kittens now and wonder:

Why don't you own this breed as a pet already?!?

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