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Michael Jackson would’ve been friends with Justin Bieber, says Jermaine Jackson. And while the thought of Michael hanging out with a 14-year-old Justin might be a little unsettling, Jermaine claims the King of Pop would’ve been a positive influence on Bieber.

TMZ caught up with Jermaine at LAX recently and posed some interesting questions to the former jackson 5 member about how Michael would’ve gotten along with Justin:

Jermaine Jackson: Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber Would've Been Friends

Asked how his brother would react to the recent leak of Bieber’s racist videos, Jermaine replied, "Michael would’ve straightened him out. Michael would’ve spoke to him like a father figure, told him, ‘Hey you’ve gotta cool it, calm down.’"

Responding to the much simpler question of, "Do you think Michael would’ve been friends with Justin?" Jermaine replied quickly, "Probably so, yeah."


The late pop icon is already something of a role model for Justin. Earlier this year, Bieber posted photos of Jackson to his Instagram page and drew comparisons between the embattled pop stars’ legal troubles.

Of course, Bieber and Jackson were brought up on very different charges.

Despite having passed away in 2009. Jackson was in the news again recently, as a man named James Safechuck alleged that Jackson abused him for several years when he was a child.