Baby Bear Eats Apple, Gets a Bath, Becomes Cutest Animal on the Internet

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Who says bears are scary?!?

Over the past several weeks alone, we've seen these animalsĀ Twerking in the woods and watched as they wrestled in the most adorable manner.

Now, we're excited to present Smudge, a four-month old cub who got rescued from a bile farm in Nanning, China and who just wants to eat an apple and have his belly rubbed all day.

Oh, you want to give him a bath? Smudge is cool with that, too!

Melt over this cute behavior now:

Does it get any more awww-inspiring than this bear?

It actually might!

Consider what happens, after all,w hen a lion, a tiger and a bear establish the most unexpected threeway friendship in the history of the wild: