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For the first time since his arrest in Miami early yesterday morning, Justin Bieber has spoken out.

And managed to sound both confusing and totally pompous in the process.

The 19-year old artist took to Instagram this afternoon and posted a photo of himself sitting atop a car moments after he made bail and left prison.

He then posted a picture of Michael Jackson making a similar gesture alongside it and wrote as a caption:

“What more can they say.”

Ummm… we have no idea, Justin. What more can they say?

Perhaps that you should be more humble after getting pulled over for drunk driving, while speeding on an expired license? As opposed to comparing yourself to the most successful solo artist of all-time?

Or that you should wish to emulate someone who didn’t die lonely, with a likely drug problem and who was accused multiple times of molesting young boys?

In the day since his arrest, Scooter Braun has come out and said he still loves Bieber.

Jeremy Bieber has also expressed support for his son.

These are the first words from Justin himself, though, and they don’t exactly sound apologetic or regretful.

What do you think of Bieber comparing himself to MJ? It is…