Man to Reporter on Live Television: You're So F-ckin Hot!

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It's hard to be an attractive reporter on live television.

Sometimes, you get asked out on a date by a shirtless dude while a fire rages behind you.

Other times, you're reporting from the Gay Pride Parade in West Hollywood (a place where you should seemingly be safe from advances by the opposite sex) when a drunk dude stumbles by and says "you're so f-ckin hot!"

In the case of KTLA’s Christina Pascucci, that may be true. But still. Come on dude.

Be better than that.

At least Pascucci has plenty of company when it comes to Awkward Moments in Reporting.

Remember the guy in New Jersey who got SLAMMED by a snow plow?

No? You're missing out! Allow us to refresh your memory...

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