Lena Dunham Launches #StopTheStigma Campaign After NBC Refuses to Air Ad That Mentions Abortion

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Lena Dunham is no stranger to controversy. The Girls star/creator has come under fire for everything from her constant nudity to accusations that Dunham is an unfit dog owner

Lena's latest dust-up, however, has nothing to do with her personal life or her cultishly adored HBO series.

No, this time Dunham has entered a debate involving NBC's refusal to air a commercial because it contains the word "abortion."

The ad in question is a trailer for an off-beat romantic comedy entitled Obvious Child that stars Girls regulars Jenny Slate and Gaby Hoffman.

In the film, Slate plays a newly single woman who gets pregnant during a one-night stand and decides to have an abortion. 

Last week, it was first reported that NBC rejected a version of the trailer that includes Slate's character declaring her decision to terminate her pregnancy. The unexplained decision angered Dunham and many others:

"NBC refuses to air the trailer for Obvious Child because it mentions abortion and that's not okay. #StopTheStigma," Dunham tweeted.

She then linked to a Planned Parenthood petition which urges the network to "clarify its standards."

NBC has issued a statement denying that it rejected the trailer and claiming that "no final spots were submitted to NBC broadcast standards."

Still, Dunham and others believe the network is abusing its right to censor commercial content. 

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