Kid Falls Asleep While Driving Toy Car, Keeps Spinning in Circles

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We could make an entire website about adorable kids in cars.

There was the four-year old who cried uncontrollably when "Say Something" came on the radio.

There was also the baby who awoke from a nap and immediately joined a dance party already in progress.

And now we have a toddler whose stressful, busy day of playing caused him to fall asleep behind the wheel of his miniature toy car.

The vehicle itself, however, shows no signs of fatigue in the following footage, going around in one circle after another while a parent films the entire hilarious incident... hopefully ready to pounce if the car veers off in a more dangerous direction:

Note to all children watching: Do not drink (a juice box) and drive. Two hands on the wheel at all times.

We've added this video to our collection of kids being awesome online: