Kathy Griffin Nude: Would You Hit It?

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Back in May Kathy Griffin bikini selfies hit the Internet and showed the 53-year-old comedienne was still in remarkably good shape.

Now Griffin has taken things to the next level by posing nude for famed celebrity photographer Tyler Shields:

Kathy Griffin Nude

You may remember Shields from the topless Abigail Breslin photos that shocked the Internet last year. (It's not easy to shock the Internet, but nude photos of a still-high-school-aged Little Miss Sunshine do the trick.)

Now, Shields has given us Griffin as we've never seen her before: fully nude with her feet dangling in a pool. (Hopefully it's hers.)

Of all the directions that Kathy could take at this point in her career, "Internet nudist" is certainly not one we would've guessed.

It's not like 53 is too old to pose nude, but it is kind of a strange age to show a sudden interest in posing nude.

It's not like Kathy has a history of stripping down for the camera and this is part of some desperate bid to remain relevant. She's got a pretty distinguished career as a stand-up and actress behind her, and she was never thought of as a sex symbol.

But maybe that's the point. Kathy looks damn good and she probably did during all those years that she stayed covered up.

It's possible she hit her 50s and just said, "Eff it. I've had it all my life; it's time to flaunt it."

Whatever her reasoning, the truly important question here is: would you hit it?


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