Jessica Biel Refuses to Get Pregnant, Says Justin Timberlake's Grandmother

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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got married in 2012 and given how little Jessica has going on career-wise, many expected the couple to start a family right away.

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But here we are almost two years later and no sign of a baby bump on Biel.

So what's the hold-up? Well, according to JT's outspoken grandmother, Sadie Bomar, Jessica keeps putting on the brakes when it's time to get to the baby-making!

Sadie tells Star magazine that Justin wants kids, but Jessica keeps stalling for reasons unknown.

"Justin has wanted to have children all his life," says Sadie. "If it were up to him, they'd have a baby tomorrow!"

Of course, Sadie may not be the most reliable source when it comes to the topic of Jessica, as she's got a long history of throwing shade on Biel:

Back when new Timberlake cheating on Biel rumors seemed to surface every day, Sadie told a tabloid that the family had always considered Justin single...this was in 2009, by which point Jess and Justin had already been together for several years. 

So yes, it seems that Sadie is no fan of Biel for reasons that we'll probably never know. Whatever the cause of their beef, we hope Sadie will stop speculating about what goes on in Justin's bedroom. There's something creepy about your grandma talking about your sex life.

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