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Coco-chan is a very nice Golden Retriever who lives in Japan. She is really good at eating people food, and don’t just mean she cleans up the scraps well.

We’re talking about her technique, which is quite impressive for any species.

Watch her take on this ear of corn just like people do … only more neatly!

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Coco-chan’s YouTube channel is chock full of great videos just like this gem.

If you like watching an adorable, gentle animal eat fruits and vegetables, you may want to subscribe. She also knows to stop at the rind while consuming watermelon!

Uncanny! What’s next, knowing when to start biting the ice cream cone?

In all seriousness, it can’t be bad for your mental health to watch this cuteness. There’s something soothing about it, a moment of zen if you will. Ahhh.

Heck, she might even cheer up these maudlin, guilt trip-laying canines