Genius Internet Users Parody Frozen, Ask: Do You Want To Go To Chipotle?

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Look, we're all a little sick of Frozen parodies.

Even the most dedicated parents, the biggest Elsa supporters, the long-standing Disney lifers... even they can admit that if they hear "Let It Go" or "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" one more time...

... well, they might go all Chris Brown on the coffee table.

But there is hope, people.

Two Internet users named Eric Vitale and Sarah Prizzi have created a parody of one of the film's most popular hits and they've titled it "Do You Want To Go To Chipotle?" - and it's pure genius.

See for yourself now:


When you get sick of watching this amazing video again and again, check out the following renditions of "Let It Go" because, let's face it... there's no getting away from this song.

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