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It might make it more difficult to appreciate the subtle insults that help make Game of Thrones great, but for reasons unknown to the rest of u,s some folks prefer to surround themselves with dozens of PBR-swilling hipsters when watching HBO’s most popular series.

Of course, while it may seem like a thoroughly obnoxious experience, there are some obvious upsides to watching the GoT at the corner bar: you can save on your cable bill, it gives new meaning to the phrase, "Turn on the Game," and best of all – you can film your friends’ reactions to shocking scenes, which is what one clever Chicago bartender did during Sunday’s episode:

Game of Thrones Fans React to Oberyn-Gregor Fight!

If – like many of us – you’re still recovering from the epic battle between Oberyn Martell and Gregor Clegane, the above video might be all the therapy you need. It always helps to know others are sharing in your agony.


Though he wasn’t with us long, Prince Oberyn quickly became a fan favorite. To help with the healing process, we recommend checking out actor Pedro Pascal’s take on Oberyn’s funeral in the video below:

Pedro Pascal Talks Oberyn Martell Funeral

Then, when you’re feeling emotionally healed and ready for more carnage, you can watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic or check out our gallery of GoT’s most grueseome deaths below. Prepare to wince: