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It’s going down this Sunday on Game of Thrones! The fight of the 15th Century between Oberyn "The Red Viper" Martell and Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane to decide the fate of Tyrion "Pour Me Another" Lannister.

This showdown will make T.I. vs. Floyd Mayweather look like a septa’s sewing lesson and we’ve got all the facts you need to help you pick a winner and fleece your friends for every gold dragon they’re worth:

Size: We think it’s safe to say Gregor’s got the obvious advantage here. Portrayed by Hafpor Julius Bjornsson, aka the world’s second strongest man, Gregor didn’t earn the nickname "The Mountain" because he likes to go climbing. No, Bjornsson goes about 6’9", 420 pounds, meaning that Gregor may be the biggest dude Westeros has to offer. If we were in Oberyn’s shoes we’d be looking for some medieval HGH about now.

Edge: Gregor

Swordsmanship: Well, he messed up some Lannisters early in season 4, but we haven’t really seen Oberyn do much fighting. Not a good sign. Gregor, on the other hand recently disemboweled some peasants with about as much difficulty as if he were shelling pistachios.

Edge: Gregor


Intimidation Factor: Yup, another no-brainer for Mount Clegane. This guy’s brother, the Hound, goes all jelly-spined at the mere mention of his name. Oberyn may be the ultimate badass back in Dorne, but we’re guessing he’s never faced an opponent quite as terrifying as the Mountain.

Edge: Gregor

Charisma: Ah, here we go! If it comes down to a judges’ decision, the fact that he doesn’t rely on monosyllabic grunts to communicate could work to Oberyn’s advantage. People say a lot of things about the Mountain, but "he’s a great conversationalist" isn’t one of them. Of course, if we were going into a fight to the death, we wouldn’t want to be relying on our way with words, but hey, it’s something!

Edge: Oberyn

So there you have it. If you’re still unsure of who to bet your gold on, we recommend checking out the below video of the actor who plays Sandor throwing a washing machine 15 feet. It’s been nice getting to know you, Oberyn!

Watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic to relive Oberyn’s all-too-brief time in King’s Landing.

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