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Emma Roberts is engaged to Evan Peters, but that doesn’t mean Julia’s niece can’t continue to flaunt her curves for her adoring public.

“Wish you were here,” Emma wrote on Instagram along with the above photo. We’re sure many of her male fans wish they could join her as well.

Emma and Evan are chilling in Hawaii at the moment, and in addition to the fact that Emma is certainly easy on the eyes, this photo is an encouraging sign that all is finally well for the troubled young couple. 

Emma Roberts at 2017 Oscars
(ABC via Getty Images)

In July of 2013, Emma was arrested for domestic violence following a dispute with Peters. The incident became instant tabloid fodder and a messy breakup seemed all but guaranteed.


Shortly after that ugly episode, however, Roberts and Peters were spotted getting close on the set of American Horror Story, seeming as though they’d patched things up just days after Emma’s arrest.

So yeah, after all that it’s good to see these two young actors have persevered and are evidently still planning to get married. Sometimes a simple beach selfie is worth a thousand words.

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