Elle Fanning Throws Out First Pitch, Shames 50 Cent With Perfect Strike

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Elle Fanning is a 16-year-old girl who throws like a seasoned veteran on the mound.

50 Cent is a grown ass man who throws like a 16-year-old girl ... on her worst day. After she just gets out of surgery and is still half under anesthesia.

The Maleficent actress is the latest to put the rapper to shame when she threw an amazing first pitch (in an adorable jersey and denim skirt no less) this week:

Fanning's perfect strike - with some zip, no less - at Los Angeles Dodgers game Wednesday comes on the heels of 50 Cent's epic first pitch fail.

Elle has genetics on her side, it turns out. Her dad is a former minor league player!

"My dad played baseball so he's been getting me all ready and being really serious about it and trying to show me how to throw," she joked beforehand.

"So yeah, we've been practicing a little bit," the young actress confessed.

50 Cent, meanwhile, warmed up by masturbating excessively. His words.

While big sister Dakota Fanning, 20, was the first of the famous siblings to make it in Hollywood, Elle has bragging rights for making it to the mound first.

"I'm the first in the family, yes the first!" she said of receiving the honor to throw the first pitch at a Dodgers game as friends and family cheered her on.

Other memorable celebrity first pitch successes and fails below:

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