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The Drake and Rihanna breakup of last month didn’t really surprise anyone…with the possible exception of Drake.

Sources close to the former couple tell Radar Online that Drizzy was dumbfounded when Rihanna “gave him his marching orders,” and he’d still come running back to her in a heartbeat.

“Drake was ready to walk away for good after Rihanna dropped him,” says one insider. “But she has this power over him. All she needs to do is snap her fingers.”

The pair have been on-again, off-again for years now and it seemed this time they’d broken up for good, but according to anonymous friends, Drake knows exactly why Rihanna dumped him, and he’s certain he can change her:

“Drake is convinced that Rihanna has self-esteem issues and is pushing him away because she doesn’t believe in trust or love,” says the source. “Which isn’t surprising after her time with Chris.”

While we’re inclined to agree with Drake that her time with Chris Brown has probably done some psychological damage, based on Rihanna’s see-through dress at the CFDA awards, we’re guessing low self-esteem is not her problem!