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Christopher Wallace Jr., son of Notorious B.I.G. and Faith Evans, graduated from high school this week, and a celebratory photo the teen posted to his Instagram page has led many followers to question his sexuality.

CJ posted this photo following the ceremony along with a caption reading "no sus" (indicating that he shouldn’t be suspected of homosexuality):

C.J. Wallace Gay Rumors

Regardless, his comments section was flooded with insinuations about his sexual orientation.

CJ seemed able to shrug off the remarks, but when entertainment blogger Sandra Rose retweeted the photo along with the caption, "#GayPride," CJ’s mom stepped in and things really got ugly:


"@SandraRose Eat a hundred d*@#$!" Evans tweeted, apparently unaware that you can say "dicks" on Twitter.

What’s truly upsetting about this situation isn’t the claims that CJ is gay, but the fact that Faith Evans is treating such rumors as an assault on her son’s character.

Earlier today, Jonah Hill used a gay slur as an insult and immediately apologized. Faith Evans enraged reaction to the thought that her son might be a gay man is easily just as offensive, and if she has any regard for her reputation, she’ll follow suit and issue a public mea culpa, whether it’s sincere or not.

C’mon, guys…it’s 2014. Heck, there’s a gay viking in How to Train Your Dragon 2. Let’s catch up with the times, shall we?