Alexander Imich, World’s Oldest Man, Dies at 111

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Alexander Imich died at the tender age of 111 on Sunday.

The world’s oldest man, Imich was a Polish immigrant who spent the final few decades of his life in New York City.

According to CNN, he passed away at an old age home in Manhattan. Of natural causes, it's safe to presume.

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Imich was born February 4, 1903.

He and his wife fled Poland following the Nazi invasion and then survived a Russian labor camp.

From there, they moved to Uzbekistan and eventually returned to Poland to find that a number of their relatives had died in the Holocaust.

They settled in Connecticut in 1951 and remained there until Imich's wife died in 1986. At that time, Imich moved to a senior home at West End Avenue and 74th Street.

Friends say his room was decorated with his wife's artwork and that he owed his long life to exercise, sobriety and never having children.

The world’s oldest person, meanwhile, hails from Japan:  Misao Okawa is 116 years old.

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