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50 Cent, continuing to speak out on the Jay Z-Solange fight for some reason, doesn’t think that Jay Z could have handled it in any other way.

"He did the right thing," the rapper said about his fellow hip-hop artist.

"We’ll make fun of it because it’s an opportunity to make fun. At the end of the day, the nightmare would’ve been him responding in any other way."

He makes a fair point … not that it’s at all clear why he’s making it.

50 Cent Narrates Solange-Jay Z Fight

Musing on how he would have reacted, Mr. Cent hedged.

50 added, "Would you be wrong for defending yourself? In that place, just instinctively, if he had defended himself, would he have been wrong?"

Happily, the tension between Jay Z, wife Beyonce and Solange seems to have abated, but 50 Cent has his ideas about what triggered the incident.

To hear 50 tell it, Solange was defending Bey.


Why? There are plenty of theories (and memes) of what could have triggered the infamous elevator melee, but Fiddy says the whole fam is feisty.

Solange Knowles-Jay Z Fight: Full Video

He described an incident that he says occurred in a VIP area in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve during which Beyoncé almost got in his face.

As a preemptive strike, because she thought he was beefing with Jay. 50 says Beyonce came down off of a "ledge" in the room to confront him.

"I don’t think she understood that our energy is… it’s not negative," Fiddy said. "Wasn’t nobody gonna do nothin’ to Jay [on Beyoncé’s watch]!"

Judging by that encounter, 50 is convinced that Solange had to have been sticking up for her sister in some way when she took swings at Jay.

"Like, [Beyoncé] got down off of the thing and jumped down and came over … that didn’t really match up with what was happening in the elevator," he said.

"I think that it was on her behalf that time."

"Because I saw that [in Vegas], I know that it’d be almost impossible for someone to do something to him and her not respond to it," the rapper added.

He did narrate the fight, so there’s that.