50 Cent Narrates Solange-Jay Z Fight: Im'ma F--k You Up!

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There's been a lot of speculation over what caused the Solange Knowles-Jay Z fight that captured the world's attention yesterday.

But while the rest of us were busy trying to figure out what sparked the conflict, 50 Cent was recording hilarious fight night commentary over the now-infamous footage.

Sadly, Fiddy only gives us a few seconds of his ghetto boxing commentator routine, but in this case, a few seconds is all we need.

"I will f--k you up, Jay!" says 50, assuming the role of Solange. "F--k your Marcy s--t! This is Houston!"

While 50 clearly recorded the commentary for laughs, it's hard to imagine he didn't get a kick out of watching his former rap rival get assaulted by his sister-in-law.

Obviously seeking not to offend, Mr. Cent deleted the video from Instagram shortly after he posted it, but as he should by now: you can never really delete anything from the Internet. 

So enjoy the clip above, before 50 intimidates someone at YouTube into taking it down.

Of course, 50's not the only one squeezing laughs from the Knowles-Carter family's public embarrassment. Check out our #WhatJayZSaidtoSolange rundown for some of the best memes the web has to offer.

And feel free to re-watch the original footage below. It's pretty funny on its own:

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