17 Wedding Signs That Added Some LOL to the Big Day

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With details of the Kim Kardashian-Kanye West wedding still pouring out onto the Internet, now is an excellent time to look at the wedding trends of non-celebrities.

You know, those of us who actually have to do things like fold our own programs, tie our own bows, and who probably can't afford to rent out an entire village.

On the flip side, we take ourselves a bit less seriously than Kimye. Well, at least most of us do.

Take a look at 17 awesome wedding signs that added some laughs and fun to the big day ...

These weddings looked super fun. Our invites must've been lost in the mail. Bummer.

From DIY to DI-don't, who would've thought something as simple as wedding signs could be both humorous and useful ways to insert some personality into the big day?

Look no further than Pinterest for countless examples of this, and ponder the mystery of how exactly people planned weddings before Pinterest was a thing.

Seriously, must've been rough.

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