11 Best Napoleon Dynamite Quotes: Sweet Skills and One-Percent Milk!

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Yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of one of the most oft-quoted cult comedies in recent memory.

While the cast of Napoleon Dynamite has experienced mixed results with regard to their acting careers, the film itself remains a beloved, quirky classic.

And since the movie primarily lives on in the form of all-occasion quips like "You're ruining everyone's lives and eating all our steak!" we figured what better way to celebrate its decade of existence than with a list of Uncle Rico and company's most memorable lines?

And why did we make a list of eleven quotes on the movie's tenth anniversary? Because we wanted to, gosh!

So jump into the gallery above to relive some of the funniest lines 2004's surprise indie smash. When you're done, treat yourself to some whole milk and Chapstick. You deserve it.

While you may have watched the film obsessively when it first came out you might have forgotten about the pride with which Uncle Rico promises to throw a football "over them mountains;" the intimidation you felt when Rex threatened a roundhouse to the face; or Tina's indignation at being called a "lard."

Will such a small budget film ever again find such a massive audience? We don't know. All we can say for sure is that Napoleon Dynamite is not pretty much the worst movie ever made. 

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