Zac Efron and Lupita Nyong'o Cast in Star Wars Episode 7?

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The cast of Star Wars: Episode 7 was revealed last week and it seemed from the announcement that director JJ Abrams intended to keep the film free of A-list stars.

However, the fact that Daisy Ridley was the only new female cast member joining the franchise led to the belief that some key names were withheld for the sake of surprise.

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Now, a source close to the production and several obsessive Star Wars fans claim that there's evidence to suggest Zac Efron and Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o will be playing major roles in the highly anticipated new film.

Both stars were rumored to be part of the production since before last week's announcement, and reports immediately began to circulate that Abrams hoped to keep their casting a secret.

This being the Internet age, he naturally failed miserably and word quickly spread that the director met with Nyong'o in March to discuss the possibility of her playing one of Obi Wan Kenobi's offspring.

As for Efron, he's confirmed that he began meeting with Abrams as far back as July of 2013 and he's since deflected all questions regarding his role in Episode VII.

Sounds like a desperate attempt to keep a secret to us!

Check out the rest of Episode 7 cast in the gallery below:

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