The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 6 Recap: G's Up, Hoedown

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Monday night, on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 6, the tension and drama continued between ... pretty much all five of the ladies of Orange County.

But who was the focal point of the conflict this time around? 

Well, that'd be Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador's continuing feud following "Chairgate." The chances these ladies are ever going to get along is looking pretty slim.

The episode opened with Heather relaying her version of Chairgate to Terry while Vicki and Shannon did the same. All parties were busy prepping for the ground breaking ceremony at the new Chateau Dubrow. 

Adding to the list of things we know about Vicki that we never needed to know? She has high arches.

Oh, and she wants Briana to buy a house in Orange County and rent one in Oklahoma since she, Troy, Ryan, and their baby on the way are moving to the flatlands for Ryan's job. 

Sure, Vicki. Two homes makes sense.

Heather's hoedown is remarkably chic and kind of made us wish we'd been on the guest list. As Tamra pointed out, only Heather could make DIRT work for a party.

RHOC Hoedown

Everyone's having a good time until Shannon and Vicki show up over an hour late without any communication to Heather that they were running behind or wouldn't make it on time and Heather takes that as a sign that she's not important to them. At that point, I'm pretty much Team Heather, because yeah, that's rude.

Shannon apparently knew she'd be late because David has a weekly responsibility to coach his daughters' basketball team. At some point, Shannon tries to blame their tardiness on David saying she told him to end the practice early so they could get there on time. 

She totally rips into him when he neglects to introduce her to a woman he chatted with at the bar and if those two are divorced by the end of the season it will surprise no one. 

Vicki never offers an excuse for why she's late but seems never to draw Heather's ire. That could be an editing trick or it could be that Heather's beef with Shannon just runs that deep. It's a toss-up.

Tamra Barney Riding

Regardless, nearly the entire hour is spent with Tamra telling both Heather and Shannon that they need to talk.

And somehow Tamra is accused of making this a thing and putting herself in the middle of it when she seems to be trying to get herself out of the middle of it to no avail.

Vicki tries to make up with Lizzie and the women offer a do-over. Lizzie's not really buying it but she plays nice for the party and then rides a mechanical bull like it's her job.

All of the women - except Vicki - take turns on the mechanical bull. Tamra gets on the bull and the controls get adjusted and she falls off fearing she's broken her arm.

Nope. It's only a flesh wound! She has X-Rays done to determine it's just a bruise. 

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