Survivor Cagayan Winner Crowned: Who Outwitted, Outplayed and Outlasted?

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It's been a week of winners across the reality TV landscape.

Caleb Johnson captured the American Idol Season 13 crown last night, while Meryl Davis is your Dancing with the Stars champion and Josh Kaufman defeated all comers on The Voice.

Which Survivor: Cagayan castaway joined this group on Wednesday?

3 Survivor Finalists

Following a challenge that involved maze-navigating and medallion-collectiing, Woo won immunity and decided to take Tony with him to the final tribal council.

Trish delivered one of the best finale speeches ever during this tense showdown and was followed by Spencer, who went after woo for acting like a “puppy” and who praised Tony for how he mastered the competition.

We then cut back to the live results show in the United State and Jeff Probst read the results… much to the happiness of Tony Vlachos! This bald-headed contestant was awarded the $1 million grand prize as Sole Survivor.

Was it well-earned? Did the jury vote properly? You tell us:

Did Tony Vlachos deserve to win Survivor: Cagayan?

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