Solange Knowles Fight Purse Featured In Hilarious New Ad!

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While the Jay Z-Solange Knowles fight may not have been funny for the parties involved, the rest of us are finding plenty of comedy in the drama.

The Internet has already blessed us with a slew of hilarious Solange-themed memes, and now some ingenious Madison Avenue Don Draper-types are getting in on the act.

Solange Knowles' Purse Ad

That's an ad for the Anya Hindmarch clutch bag Solange brought to the 2014 MET Gala...and later used as a weapon with which to bludgeon her brother-in-law. Certainly seems the brand has found a silver lining in Solange's dark cloud of rage!

The ad is funny stuff, to be sure, but we're guessing Solange is less than amused:

Check out the video above for a little insight into how the younger Knowles feels about her far more successful older sis and her husband.

Yes, just mentioning Jay Z's name to Solange is enough to earn you a dose of her now-infamous temper.

We're guessing that news anchor has never seen Solange throw a punch, or he might not be so quick to make fun.

Thus far, all the press surrounding Solange has been pretty negative, but if she's smart she'll use her time in the headlines to rehab her image and make the public understand the difficulties that come with being overshadowed by a more famous sibling.

Seems more likely, though, that she'll just continue to burn bridges until she flames out and disappears from the entertainment world entirely. At least the downfall has been fun to watch thus far!

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