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So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 got off to a hot start on Fox last night.

We mean this literally, as Justin Bieber made an appearance to introduce the concept of dance crews to the series.

Take a look at him joking around with choreographer Nick DeMoura below:

Justin Bieber Appears on So You Think You Can Dance

From there… it was on to the auditions!


We’ll ignore Nigel Lythgoe trying to imitate Wendy Williams “How you doin?” catchphrase and move on to the actual talent discovered in New Orleans and Chicago.

Who stood out in these cities?

There was Caleb Brauner, whose contemporary piece was dedicated to his recently-deceased father; Tanisha Belanap, a Utah teen who is one of 12 siblings; and then there were the undeniable best three performances of the night:

  • Rudy Abreu, who told the judges that her “warrior” style of dancing is a result of a few childhood scars.
  • Megan Marcano, who has raised herself since the age of 12 and who put on an impressive, lithe routine.
  • Trevor Bryce, who fused hip hip with some classic moves and who was told by Lythgoe that it was “one of the greatest solo performances I’ve seen on So You Think You Can Dance.”

Let’s take a look at the premiere’s top 5: