Scooter Braun Skips Deposition to Avoid Justin Bieber Steroid Questions?

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The Justin Bieber deposition has provided us with some of the funniest video clips in recent memory, so we were disappointed to learn today that Bieber's manager Scooter Braun skipped his own sit-down with attorneys scheduled for today.

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TMZ reports that Braun bailed on the deposition in order to avoid being humiliated by the same hard-nosed lawyer that questioned Justin.

Specifically, Scooter is concerned that lawyers for the photographer who was allegedly assaulted by Bieber's bodyguard last year will ask Braun if he's ever seen Justin use steroids.

Reportedly fearing that video of his deposition would be leaked to TMZ (as it almost certainly would) Braun was a no-show for today's proceedings, and he instead sent his lawyer, who delivered documents requesting a guarantee that the footage be kept under wraps. 

Smart move from a smart guy.

Braun and Bieber's partnership dates back to 2006 when the then-unknown music producer and talent agent discovered the Canadian crooner on YouTube.

Whether you love the Biebs or hate him, you've gotta give Braun props for recognizing a goldmine when he saw one. Even if it was an incredibly douchey goldmine with a penchant for egging its neighbors houses. 

The lawsuit against Bieber's bodyguard is unlikely to be settled any time soon, but hopefully in the meantime it'll give us more humorous antics and maybe even some insight into this Bieber on roids rumor.

That would certainly explain his constant, seething rage!

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