Porsha Williams: Gays & Lesbians Need to Be SAVED From Eternity in Hell!

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Porsha Williams of The Real Housewives of Atlanta fame can be seen in a newly-unearthed video preaching about saving gays and lesbians ... from Satan.

Footage shot 3-4 years ago at High Praise Christian Center Ministries in Lithonia, Ga., is making the online rounds, showing Porsha's fiery preaching.

In the clip above, she passionately urges the congregation to help save hookers, drug dealers, people who attempt suicide ... and gays and lesbians:

Porsha Williams implodes her fellow church-goers to use God's word as a call to action: "We're supposed to try and save them and tell them, 'You are worthy!'"

Worthy of being rescued from a life of eternal damnation because they happen to be attracted to the same sex? She doesn't say that, but the implication is clear.

No comment yet from the former Mrs. Kordell Stewart about this gem. She has a lot on her plate these days, in her defense. Cut the woman some slack.

When she's not thumping Bibles, the controversial reality star can be seen thumping Kenya Moore if you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online.

Sorry. But seriously, check this fight out:

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