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Another person of authority believes Justin Bieber should be prosecuted as a felon.

With evidence still being collected and charges against Bieber pending for his alleged egging of a neighbor’s home in January, the prosecutor in charge of this vandalism investigation is on record as saying this is an obvious felony case.

And Police Lieutenant Dave Thompson agrees.

Thompson tells TMZ the reasons why Justin should face jail time are clear:


He caused over $20,000 worth of damages and he was caught on camera taunting his neighbor while committing this heinous act.

Thompson helped execute the search warrant on Bieber’s home and says he’ll be peeved if the District Attorney file misdemeanor charges against the artist.

“I led a team of people into a house where there’s armed security. I wouldn’t have done that if this was just a misdemeanor case,” Thompson says.

Moreover, the judge who signed this search warrant agrees it was a felony.

Justin Bieber: Felony Charges to Come?

It remains unclear exactly what the search warrant dug up many months ago, although Lil Za was arrested inside Bieber’s home at the time for drug possession.

A mere misdemeanor would be a slap on the wrist for Bieber in this case; he might not even have to do any community service.

But a felony charge could mean possibly jail time for the singer, who has shown little remorse about one one of his most boneheaded, unethical acts to date.