May the Fourth Be With You: Happy Star Wars Day From J.J. Abrams!

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The Episode VII cast has been announced, the release date is set, and plot rumors are everywhere on the Internet, but yesterday, Star Wars fans really had something to celebrate - May the fourth!

Yes, thanks to a corny/hilarious pun ("May the fourth be with you!") Cinco de Mayo Eve has become an unofficial holiday for Star Wars obsessives and J.J. Abrams took to YouTube along with screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan to take part in the celebration.

Abrams, of course, is directing the highly anticipated new addition to the franchise, scheduled to hit theaters in December of 2015.

He's recruited Kasdan to help with the script and the two Hollywood veterans seem to be taking their duties very seriously.

Heck, they're even spending the holidays overseas for the sake of the film!

Yes, fans will be excited to learn that Abrams and Kasdan are in London at the moment, preparing to "ramp up" production on Episode VII.

The creative duo took time out briefly to acknowledge the "holiday," before presumably getting back to work.

It's a good sign that Abrams is a geek at heart who seems to fully appreciate how seriously Star Wars aficionados take their fandom.

There are many remaining questions surrounding the upcoming seventh installment in the franchise (What will be the title of Episode VII? Will Daisy Ridley really play Han and Leia's daughter? Will an aging Chewbacca be rocking grey fur?), but the big mystery of the moment is: will Abrams record another message for Revenge of the SIxth tomorrow?

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