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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon married in 2008 and have appeared to be the perfect Hollywood couple ever since.

According to a new report from OK! magazine, however, Nick and Mariah’s marriage is on the rocks and an ugly divorce is on the way.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey to Divorce?

"Mariah would cut him loose right now, but she’s worried about him making a grab for a huge chunk of her $515 fortune," a source who talks like a tabloid writer told the tabloid.

"They have a prenup, but once Nick tells his side of the story, Mariah will likely settle with him financially and realize that her once beautiful marriage has evaporated."


The insider adds that Nick "feels burned" that Mariah is willing to "pull the plug" on their marriage without warning. 

The cause of the supposed split? Cannon’s "white face" routine to promote his new album. 

Yes, Mariah was apparently so offended by her husband’s comedy act that she’s ending her five-year marriage and parting ways with the husband of her children.

A more believable explanation would’ve been that Mariah was upset over Nick Cannon’s sex list that he revealed on Howard Stern. But hey, maybe that detail will come out during the "ugly divorce" proceedings. 

Nick Cannon Whiteface