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Ready to meet Connor Smallnut?

To promote the upcoming album “White People Party Music,” Nick Cannon took to Instagram last night and posted as a character by this name.

A white character by this name, we should say, joking to a follower on Twitter that it feels "great" to be this color because "I’m no longer afraid of the Police!! LOL.”

However, after Vanity Fair Tweeted that Cannon’s stunt is “cringe” worthy, the America’s Got Talent host shot back:

Nick Cannon Whiteface

“Don’t get your fancy panties in a bunch! It’s funny how people take themselves so seriously. People love drama! We feed off of it. Just relax and have fun!!”

Cannon then posted a picture of Robert Downey Jr. in black face in Tropic Thunder and wrote as a caption:


“This is one of my favorite characters of all time! Hilarious!!! There is a big difference between Humor and Hatred.”

True. But remember when Julianne Hough went blackface for Halloween? She faced a torrent of criticism.

White People Party Music, Cannon’s second studio album and his first in more than 10 years, drops on April 1.

What do you think of his white face stunt?