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Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber have been friends and collaborators for years now, but it seems Weezy isn’t as tight with Justin’s manager and mentor, Scooter Braun.

Watch Wayne blast Braun (and threaten his life?) in the epic rant caught on tape below:

Lil Wayne Blasts Scooter Braun

That’s "rapper" and famed Bieber hanger-on Lil Twist joining Wayne in the video and apparently Bieber isn’t Twist’s only famous friend.

Though light on money and talent of his own, Twist clearly has friends in high places, something Braun evidently should’ve thought about before attempting to remove Twist and other negative influences from Justin’s life.

The Scooter Braun-Lil Twist feud dates back at least to 2013, when Braun reportedly kicked Twist out of Bieber’s home in an effort to keep his troubled client out of trouble. 


Braun has reportedly since made unflattering comments about Twist and we think it’s safe to say, Weezy is none too pleased.

Caught while returning from a trip to France (with his "little brother" Justin Bieber), Wayne paused to share his thoughts on Scooter’s remarks about his other lil bro, Twist.

"I ain’t gonna make you eat them words," Wayne angry tells the camera. "I’m gonna put them b!tches on your tombstone!"

He begins to walk away before stopping to add, "F–k  you, Scooter!"

We wouldn’t want to be in Braun’s shoes. Although, for as tight as Wayne claims he is with Twist, at the end of the day, the Z-list rapper is still just the dude who holds Weezy’s skateboard while he gets off a plane.