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A seemingly harmless Instagram photo has some Game of Thrones enthusiasts irate over what they perceive to be a spoiler for a very shocking twist involving one of the show’s most beloved characters. 

Warning: if you’re a fan of GoT but have not read the books upon which the series is based, reading further will result in a plot revelation being spoiled for you…and like we said, it’s a doozy:

Okay, so you’ve either read the books or you hate surprises. Either way, remember the Red Wedding in which Catelyn and Robb Stark were brutally murdered? 

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Well, we all know George RR Martin loves killing off beloved characters, but he also loves zombies, and it turns out one of those two isn’t quite as dead as we thought:


Yes, Catelyn Stark lives on as a sort of mute Walking Dead-style revenge monster known to some as Lady Stoneheart.

While Lena Headey didn’t come right out and say we’ll be seeing the zombified Catelyn in the near future, she did post an Instagram pic that many are interpreting as a reference to the game-changing character:

Like we said, harmless on its own and certainly open to interpretation, but the fact that Lena captioned the photo with “my stone heart,” has many fans crying spoiler.

Of course, if you haven’t read the books, there’s no way you would ever interpret the photo as any kind of spoiler, much less guess what it referred to, but at this point there are so many fan comments on Lena’s post that the pic has become a magnet for plot giveaways, with some fans calling for the shot to be taken down and others gleefully anticipating Catelyn’s badass return.

If you want to continue enjoying the show spoiler-free, we recommend you watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic and avoid all social media and comment boards for the next few years.