Game of Thrones Shocker: Who Died?

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Game of Thrones? More like Game of Throats!

The HBO epic did it once again last night, shocking viewers with events on a penultimate episode.

On Season 1, it was the death of Ned Stark. On Season 2, the battle of Blackwater. And on Game of Thrones Season 3? It was a bedding... and a betrayal.

Game of Thrones Scene

Yes, Lord Frey very much had the last laugh against Robb and Catelyn, following a broken oath and what he believed to have been the ultimate act of dishonesty.

So he got his revenge. Via a blood-filled sneak attack that took the lives of the Starks, their loved ones and their army.

Yes, Arya escaped. But to where? To whom?

The King of the North is dead, the Lannisters have one less enemy to worry about and Joffrey's spot on the throne appears to be more secure than ever. But there is still one episode remaining on Season 3.

What will the fallout of this treacherous, murderous act? How might Jon Snow pay for abandoning Ygritte? And how can the series possibly follow up this shocking turn of events next Sunday night?

We'll be tuning in to find out.

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