Lady Gaga Postpones Tour Dates, Blames Ursula For Hijacked Voice

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Lady Gaga postponed two stops on her artRAVE tour due to illness, and was quick to throw one of the most notorious Disney villains under the bus as a result.

Say what now?

The 28-year-old star will reschedule concerts in Seattle and Vancouver, Canada, after contracting bronchitis, she announced Thursday on Twitter.

"I'm devastated I'm unable to perform this week. Ursula took my mermaid voice I've come down with horrible Bronchitis," she Tweeted, posting this pic:

Ursula, Little Mermaid

Little Monsters, meet The Little Mermaid.

In the 1989 movie, sea witch Ursula bargains with one of our favorite Disney princesses, redhead mermaid Ariel, who trades her voice for a pair of legs.

As a human, she had a chance to win over Prince Eric, even if she gave up her pipes. But it seems Gaga would give anything to win over fans.

"My deepest apologies to Seattle and Vancouver, we'll reschedule those shows & be back to make it up to you. I <3 monsters #sadgaga," she wrote.

Get well soon.


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