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What transpires when you present young, technologically-savvy people with archaic, seemingly pointless technologies they’ve never seen in their lives?

As we saw when kids react to a Walkman, hilarity ensues. Ditto this video of future leaders encountering early computers with utter befuddlement.

Watch what happens as kids ages 6 and 13 turn on and use what looks like the Apple II computer, one of the first PCs ever put into production …

Kids React to Old Computers

Even turning it on proves challenging for such advanced minds, and a harbinger of things to come for kids who had no idea how to do anything on it.

Not that there were many options for them, in fairness. The realization that there were no games, apps or INTERNET was nothing short of jarring.

After increasing frustration and more than a little confusion, the children decided they would much rather stick to the devices they already own. 

It’s hard to blame them, although it’s wild to think that in another 30 years, today’s iPhones, iPads and the like may be treated with similar disdain.