Kenya Moore: Dating Tonye Cole? Home-Wrecking with Married, Non-Fake African Prince?

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Kenya Moore coyly spoke about her secret “African prince” boyfriend on The Real Housewives of Atlanta this past season, offering no name and few details.

That led Moore’s co-stars and many fans of the show to believe she was faking the romance to the alleged wealthy Nigerian royal altogether.

In response, she's insinuated that she is dating Nigerian billionaire Tonye Cole ... who happens to be married with three kids, according to reports.

On May 27, Moore, 43, tweeted a photo of Cole with his arm around his wife, Sylvia, and holding hands with her, with a Nigerian flag in the background.

Moore wrote about the Twitter picture, “Congratulations to Tonye Cole for graduating @harvard business School. It’s an honor to know you.”

A Nigerian web site said Cole’s wife, Sylvia, who wasn’t mentioned at all in the bizarre Tweet, was summarily shocked by Moore’s Twitter shout out.

She is “not taking things lightly with her handsome husband," either.

“It was learned she has not accepted explanations given by Tonye," says a source, "and the controversial picture was just a mere coincidental shot.”

“Sylvia is said to be devastated at the moment and would not easily swallow excuses given by her husband’s friends, who have waded into the matter.”

Meanwhile, talk show host Wendy Williams believes Cole, the co-founder of Sahara Energy, Nigeria’s huge oil and gas company, is in fact Moore’s "prince."

“Many people including me had doubts about this African boyfriend really existing but now we might know who he is. His name is Tonye Cole," Williams said.

"He’s a Nigerian oil magnate.  He was apparently recently speaking at Harvard University and [Moore] was spotted there with him, walking around the campus.”

Thus the rumor that Kenya Moore is going to Harvard (LOLOL).

The talk show hostess was appalled, adding, “There’s only one problem though, Kenya girl, you got to close your legs to married men. I’m sorry Kenya."

"We here at the Wendy show… we checked out… his Facebook page, his status and he’s married with kids," Williams added, chastising Moore.

“In certain cultures you’re allowed to have more than [one] wife and children…he’s not from here so he might have a different way. But Kenya is from here."

"Why would you settle for that, Kenya? Why?” Williams asked.

Not quite the literal brow-beating she got from Porsha Williams, but certainly a dressing down of sorts there. Kenya, you got served by Wendy.

To see many references to the alleged prince, and so much more, watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online to catch up on the last season!

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