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His time in the spotlight may have been short, but Antoine Dodson left a lasting impression on the world (or at least the part of the world that enjoys bizarre YouTube clips) when he encouraged viewers to “hide ya kids, hide ya wife” in one of the most memorable viral videos of all time.

Recently, Dodson announced via Twitter that he and his wife have welcomed their first son, a fact that may surprise many of his fans, as Dodson was openly gay at the time of his famous interview.

But that was 2010 and this is now. Last year, Dodson announced that he’s “no longer into” homosexuality and was seeking to marry a woman and have children.

At one point, Dodson was in talks to star in a reality show, but the deal never panned out and he later abandoned his search for fame in favor of becoming a devout adherent of the Hebrew Israelite church.


Dodson married shortly after joining the church and announced his wife’s pregnancy in September of 2013. This week he and his wife welcomed little JaCobie into the world.

So it’s safe to say Dodson has done a complete 180 since he first entered our lives four short years ago. What’s next, Rebecca Black making good music?

Antoine Dodson Interview