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Kate Upton is absolutely, undeniably stunning. This photoshop effort by Harper’s Bazaar, which features the model in its new issue? Not so much.

For reasons unknown, the renowned fashion publication felt the need to slice off one of the 21-year-old’s armpits during the airbrushing phase …

Did they try to remove armpit sweat but go too crazy? Did they really want us to see the palm trees in the background to show off the serene setting?

Kate Upton and Husband
(Getty Images)

Does Kate actually have part of her right armpit missing?

We may never know. But considering it’s part of an article where her trainer reveals the stunner’s fitness secrets, the goof is that much more … Bazaar.

Oooh, see what we did there?! We are here. All. Day.

Look, editors. We’re not saying that all photoshop is inherently evil, but Kate Upton is so sublimely perfect in every way, this just feels wrong. Wrong.

Also, check your work. This is getting embarrassing.