Justin Bieber Shoves Woman During Nightclub Scuffle, Bodyguards Intervene

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Justin Bieber has received just about every sort of negative press imaginable in the past few months, but the singer may have outdone himself during a recent incident at a nightclub in Cannes.

Justin Bieber: Douche Pose

London's Daily Mail reports that Bieber was involved in a fight with other clubgoers, but it was broken up quickly by Justin's bodyguards who intervened the instant the singer appeared to be in trouble.

While the scuffle was brief, however, the damage done to Justin's reputation may prove permanent as Bieber reportedly gave a hard shove to a female fan during the incident.

It all started when a young woman climbed over a sofa, possibly to approach Bieber. He shoved he her back onto the couch, angering her male companions.

They came after Bieber and his entourage, a brief ruckus ensued, and Justin's bodyguards removed him from the scene.

This incident, of course, comes in the wake of a recent tidal wave of bad press for Justin. In the past six months alone, Bieber was arrested for drunk drag racing and accused of egging his neighbor's house.

Since then, Bieber's been linked with a string of models, and his efforts to shed his squeaky-clean child star image have continued to alienate his fans.

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