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Actor Jason Patric repeatedly called baby mama Danielle Schreiber "Jew c–t" and "Ms. Jew Lawyer" during their brutal custody battle, she alleges.

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Jason has been in the news lately thanks to a law barring him from having a relationship with son Gus, now 4, who was born via in vitro fertilization.

Under California law, since Jason wasn’t married to Gus’ mother, he had no custodial right to see the child because of IVF, or so he’s alleging.

Patric appealed for public sympathy and enlisted the help of a number of celebrities, and an appeals court has agreed to hear his custody appeal.

But Danielle Schreiber says Jason is anything BUT a sympathetic figure. 

In legal documents filed with the court, she claims Jason was a monster, slamming her head into a wall and hitting her in the face with a telephone.


She says he was nothing short of awful to her, regularly referring to her as "Jew c–t" and "Ms. C–t Schreiber" in front of other people, no less.

Schreiber got a restraining order in November against Jason Patric.

Patric’s lawyer Fred Silberberg calls Schreiber’s allegations "categorically untrue" and "desperate" and a "gasp attempt at disparaging Gus’ father."

Stay tuned as this unusual and unusually ugly case proceeds.