Joe Garcia, Florida Congressman, Picks Ear and Eats Contents on C-SPAN

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Yes, we know there are actual political issues to discuss, but this GIF of U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia (D-FL) picking his ear and eating its contents on C-SPAN is a classic.

The play-by-play ... eh, just watch the action on endless loop. It's great.

Congressman Picks Ear

Had to be a good find. He put that finger in his mouth, multiple times.

The unforgettable moment was captured live on C-SPAN during a House Judiciary Committee meeting last week on government surveillance programs.

Those hearings can get pretty boring after multiple hours, or at least reach the point where you want a snack but can't exactly hit up the vending machine.

In such a situation, a little ear wax really comes through in the clutch.

Video of Congressman Garcia's tasty discovery after the jump: