Godzilla Reviews: A Scary Good Time?

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Godzilla roars back into theaters today.

What makes the latest version of this horror story different from the rest? Bryan Cranston, for starters. One of the best actors alive anchors the film.

Does this mean it will be worth your time? Read through excerpts from the following Godzilla reviews and decide now...

What makes this summer movie so truly special is it never forgets to intertwine its jaw-dropping special effects with all sorts of heart and a story that plays to our core values as human beings. - Joel Amos

If you're into superlatives - and who isn't? - Godzilla conjures the most jaw-dropping giant monster sequences since the original King Kong. - Chris Vognar

Ironically this big, lumbering movie could have used more, not less. More Godzilla without question, and more emotional content for its very good cast too. - Betsy Sharkey

This is no expensive lark tossed off by goofballs working for paychecks. This is Godzilla, made a director who wanted to get it right. - Eric D. Snider

The filmmakers are under the mistaken Michael Bay-like impression that audiences paying to see a movie entitled 'Godzilla' would be content with a movie focused on generic, underdeveloped humans. - Jeffrey Lyles

Unlike so many CGI-fests, Godzilla is a minimum participant, popping up in the perfect moments, with a presence that's always felt, in large part through the personality of Alexandre Desplat's dark score. - Kirk Baird

Didn't really make any sense, but it didn't matter because a monster basically used an ICBM for a dildo at one point and it was all I could do not to throw confetti in the air and run around my seat with joy. - Vincent Mancini

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