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X-Men Days of Future Past star Ellen Page opened up about some of her recurring dreams on Conan last night and we think it’s safe to say this girl has more disturbing nightmares than anyone in the history of ever. 

Ellen Page Talks Justin Bieber Dreams

Ellen apparently keeps a dream journal and has uncovered some recurring themes that may or may not have unsettling links to one another.

Those themes? Pubic hair, Justin Bieber and Swedish meatballs from Ikea.

Anyone who’s ever seen what happens when Bieber tries to grow facial hair knows that the link between the first two is obvious. 

But the Bieber-Ikea-meatballs connection has got us stumped.

There are so many Freudian connections there it’s hard to know where to begin. Why is Ellen Page dreaming about the Biebs in the context of peg-in-hole furniture assembly?


Conan was just as curious and asked Ellen point blank, but it turns out she doesn’t know either. Still, she’s surprisingly open about sharing the details of her dream:

“We were in his childhood home in Canada and his mom came home with takeout from Ikea and we were like, ‘Yes our favorite!'”

Having starred in Inception, Ellen surely knows how deep dreams can go, and this one is a bottomless pit: Ellen and Justin are both Canadian, they’re both in show business, and at what point…they were exact doubles!!!

Perhaps Justin’s mission to have sex with beautiful women was inspired by his own reflection.