25 Reasons Justin Bieber Needs to Get Smacked Around a Little

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We do not wish Justin Bieber major bodily harm or even intense trauma that scars him emotionally or physically. Violence as a general rule is wrong.

But for the love of all things holy, if there were ever a dude that could stand to get roughed up a little for his own good, it would be Justin Bieber.

Are we wrong? We think not.

Again, there's no need to break any bones or send the kid to the hospital here, but some scrapes and bruises, along with a good hard shaking?

The 20-year-old's rear end just needs to be whipped into shape. Like yesterday. He's still young enough that he may be salvageable as a human being.

Or not. His downward spiral and transformation into the planet's biggest douche might be irreversible. But we'll never know if we don't try, people.

Tough love can go a long way, and this gallery illustrates 25 reasons Justin Bieber is due for a minor-to-moderate ass whomping sooner rather than later.

Tell us you don't agree.


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