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Tim Zickuhr’s mug shot, taken after his arrest for kidnapping and extorting money from a hooker, is … about what you’d expect from someone who did that.

The Ice Road Truckers star is accused of kidnapping, beating and threatening to kill a Las Vegas prostitute named Snow White, according to reports.

This was the booking photo that was taken after Tim Zickuhr was arrested:

Stacey Dash Mug Shot

Zickuhr allegedly hired the prostitute in December and gave her his ATM card, telling her to withdraw the money for her services, court papers indicate.

But she reportedly took out too much money.

“I withdrew the $80 I was supposed to and an additional $120 that I wasn’t,” Snow White, real name Lisa Cadeau, said in an email to the N.Y. Daily News.

Zickuhr allegedly went door to door looking for Cadeau, she said in her email, and when he tracked her down, Zickuhr demanded $1,000, she said.


He proceeded to allegedly beat her, tie her up with backpack straps, pour cold water over her from a mop bucket, lock her in a closet and worse.

She said she gave him $300, when she couldn’t pay the rest, he demanded the number of someone who could. But Snow was quick on her feet.

Cadeau, who had been a “citizen source” for police, gave him the number of a cop who had told her to call if she was ever in trouble. And he called.

Zickuhr, not knowing he was speaking to a police officer, said that if he didn’t get the money, “he was going to go to Mexico to kill Snow White.”

Then, he put Cadeau on the line … to talk to her contact.

“Help me, he’s going to kill me,” she reportedly said.

Cops responded to his request for a meeting and busted the reality star. They say that when arrested, Zickuhr “immediately admitted that he made a mistake.”

Incredibly, he even added that he had planned to put an ad for her on Craigslist and force her to have sex for money for his benefit, according to the Sun.

He immediately makes our celebrity mug shots hall of fame, although it’s far from a laughing matter when one is an actual, dangerous, hard ass criminal.

Fortunately … most of these clowns are not: