Tila Tequila, Mother-to-Be, Aims to Inspire

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Tila Tequila aims to inspire with her pregnancy, and very existence on this planet.

Ever since Thomas Paxton Whitaker got Tila Tequila pregnant (allegedly), she's been acting nothing short of angelic, despite her troubled past - and Whitaker's.

She claims that the father of her unborn child has a drug problem, they're not together, and she's cut him out of her life to protect her baby and her sobriety.

Recently, she opened up on Facebook (obviously), about the topic:

"I will break the cycle so that my baby will have a chance at a proper life and I am going to spoil my child with all the love, and support that he could ever imagine!"

"Everything I do will all go to my baby. This brings me the most joy to know that I can spoil him and give him the world!"

"God tells me that everything will be just fine, and whatever other people have to say about me and my unborn baby, that is between them and God at the end of the day."

"Nor will I badmouth the Father of my child for the sake of my child. Nor do I believe it is classy to go off running your mouth to the media about it."

"I just do not work that way, but hey I cannot control what other people choose to do or say or what their true intentions are."

"I just hope that people can rise above their own selfish desires and see that every action they take will effect the baby."

"With that being said I know I will be a wonderful mother and will protect my baby at all costs from being exposed to any foul play or harm."

"With that being said I am still the happiest I have ever been in life and I feel very much at peace knowing that God has provided me with everything I ever need for myself, and my baby."

Well, that about covers it, right?

Tila, who previously said her baby saved her life, clearly looks at this as her second chance, or third, or 17th, or whatever you'd put that number at.

This is a woman who faked at least one pregnancy and suicide attempt before, among other actions ... so she certainly has some rebuilding to do.


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