The Real Housewives of New Jersey Producers on Teresa Giudice: Snooooze!

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Teresa Giudice is facing possible jail time due to financial fraud perpetrated by her and her husband.

So you'd think the reality star would have provided The Real Housewives of New Jersey with prime, entertaining content for the show's latest season.

But, according to a new Radar Online report, you'd be mistaken.

The Giudices Leave Court

With filming have just been completed, a Bravo insider complains that Giudice didn’t “didn’t bring it,” refusing to get into fights with her colleagues out of fear of her real-life situation.

"The producers are mad at Teresa,” a source close to the series tells Radar. “She basically checked out this season. She’s so afraid about going to jail that she refused to get in fights with anyone on camera."

And a Real Housewife who doesn't fight is akin to a Kim Kardashian who doesn't show off her cleavage.

What's the point of even having them around?

Giudice has always prided herself as the show's villain (remember her infamous "prostitution whore" argument with Danielle Staub?), but she didn't play the part during the latest round of shooting.

"The production team even set up situations where the other ladies could call her out about the legal troubles but she refused to engage," the insider says. “It made filming with her really difficult."

Teresa and Joe Giudice have pleaded guilty to tax evasion and fraud charges and are awaiting their sentencing.

"All Teresa wanted was a paycheck but she did nothing at all controversial and the producers aren’t happy with the footage they got,” Radar concludes.

“The drama will be really different this season since Teresa decided to play it safe in front of the cameras. This has made everyone involved in the show angry about what she delivered."

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